We have been increasingly facing adversity and suffering the effects of evil perpetrators who find a gun and threaten our safety.  After the pain of the Sandy Hook tragedy, Bullets Both Ways Founder, Aaron Boyd, was compelled to be part of the solution and actually do something about the active shooter crises we all face.  Then the Parkland school massacre happened.  Aaron knew he could no longer wait and after much soul searching he created the compelling brand; Bullets Both Ways was launched.

Bullets Both Ways is a resource to organize, promote, and fund efforts for increased defense in our schools and communities. Aaron’s mother was a teacher, his wife is a teacher and he has three young children. Four of the most important people in his life are in a school all day.

Wearing Bullets Both Ways apparel, not only contributes to scholarships for medical and firearms training for school and church staff, it also shows our youth and the general public your support for an immediate response to evil perpetrators by those who are willing and able – good guys and gals with guns – trained and prepared to stop evil perpetrators from accomplishing their devastation.

Help us spread the belief in enhanced protection and provide the assurance to our public that guns are respected and used as a tool in the hands of law abiding, armed citizenry.

Together we are strong; we can make a difference. Together we will overcome the evil that presents itself!

Bullets Both Ways Foundation, Inc. dba Angel Shield is our nonprofit arm and tax exempt 501(c)(3) Public Charity.  The Foundation’s main purpose is to raise funds to support and provide mental health resources in our schools along with equipping school and church facilities with updated safety, security, and increased protection measures. The Foundation will provide grants, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote and implement these protection objectives.  If you have interest in helping with the Foundation’s efforts – please contact us at info@angelshield.org

New protective security initiatives and additional school climate measures (quality of relationships among the students and the adults in a school) need to be enhanced and implemented.  Through our two organizations, we plan to do all we can to help make a difference in our communities and culture.

Training and preparation is a must.  Becoming a first layer of protection is more than just making the decision to get your concealed carry permit.  We encourage you to train and consistently train.  Prepare to become an unsuspected layer of protection within your community.  Let us be invisible to evil perpetrators – as they have been to us.

We have several instructors, programs, and training courses we recommend depending on your objectives and level of preparedness.  Reach out for direction and we’ll provide guidance based on your goals.

We the People – the Willing & Able citizens of the United States of America – will stand up and protect the innocent and unarmed in the face of evil.  We are Willing & Able to send Bullets Both Ways.


Stand up | Represent | Prepare | Protect

*Those who are Willing & Able*

  • "Posterity: You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it."

    - John Quincy Adams